Tri-State Youth Association


You would think that three old guys who have been there, done that, and have multiple t-shirts would spend most of their time now playing poker, traveling, playing golf, or other things that older guys do.  Well, we are not conformists, I guess.  While we have certainly seen a number of things come and go in the Siouxland area, we are committed to creating an organization that can sponsor youth organizations and youth activities.  Why us and not someone else?  A few facts for you to think about:

  • There is an unsettling number of churches and civic organizations who no longer are willing or able to sponsor youth groups.  There are many reasons for this:: some political, some financial, and some because of a fear of liability.

  • A unaffiliated not for profit organization can do multiple things whereas the typical sponsoring organization is limited to just one or a few.

  • There are several hundred scholarships available for NCAA and lower level minor sport athletic teams.  Yet, there is no organized high school teams in this area to develop these potential athletes and scholarship recipients.

  • Frequently, sponsoring organizations have a very narrow window of time that they can allot to youth organizations for meeting times.

  • We are all too old to really care about what other people think about us.  Thus, we have free reign to think outside the box.

  • There is an alarming lack of open gym availability for a variety of activities that need court time.  With the turn toward continued needs for practice and off-season leagues in basketball, volleyball, and soccer to name a few, the local schools can only do so much.

  • If you are a leader of a youth organization, wouldn't you like to have a location you can bank on for a consistent meeting time?


  • If you are a leader of a youth organization, wouldn't you like to have a location where you can actually store equipment and supplies instead of your home or garage?